This is the most beautiful part of the SAO work: We are not alone. Many people contribute – in a uncomplicated, cordial and professional manner. We are grateful and see them all as our friends. This kind of engagement can not be done alone; having devoted companions along the road is very important. That is, what keeps us going again and again. Dear all: You are great! Thank you so much.

Benni Wolfensberger, Partner at the renowned printing office J.E. Wolfensberger AG … The SAO projects are now tangible and we do a lot of fundraising to keep them going. This wouldn’t be possible without meaningful documentation and printing material. We pay close attention to using our funds for the refugees and to producing as little administration costs as possible. Wolfensberger has accommodated us a lot with the printing costs. We appreciate this support very much and recommend to you this long-established Zurich-based company.


Isabelle Follath ... the wonderful illustrator has made CI-illustrations for both our Community- and Empowerment-Centres «Bashira» on Lesvos as well as «Amina» in Athens – for the flyer, the door sign and individual inscriptions of the rooms in the house. Merci!



Tobias Peier of «Büro für Gebrauchsgrafik» Bodara GmbH in Zurich ... donated an elder, but fully functional MacBook Pro to us for our head office. Our chief clerk is happy. And we say thank you for your generosity and solidarity.


To ensure that the notebook can reach its optimal performance, Peter Schmid of EMSO IT Support ... installed more memory, an «incredibly fast graphic card» (quotation from our chief clerk), transferred all data, made the necessary updates and organized an HD storage. He worked for free - absolutely fantastic.


Gioia Andreoli ... was a volunteer in «Attica» with a team of KUNE. Back in Switzerland, she organized a cake sale at the University of Zurich for us – a big thank you from all of us!

Mini Decki ... is an initiative by Swiss women: they create handmade quilts for every refugee child in Switzerland  – the quilt gives them warmth and security. Vivienne Herzog, who is one of the needlewomen first donated some of her quilts to us followed by the organization itself, who provided us with blankets for every newborn refugee child on Lesbos. We are very much looking forward to distributing them personally.


... und Luca Roost from KUNE ... drove our SAO-Van to Lesbos and has done important work with KUNE volunteers in the port of Piraeus and «Attica»


... together with his brother Dano Roost, he programmed the fully automatic SAO weather report, which had previously been made manually every day. Invaluable, thank you very much!



Christa Camponovo ... has worked with us on behalf of «Vitamin B» (a specialist team for association structures) to establish legally correct statutes. Thanks to her specific knowledge and her cordial, committed nature, she ensured us and gave us confidence. Thank you for the vitamins!


Jeannette Clausen ... lives in the USA and has translated our website to English. We didn’t even know her. Her friend, the translator Julia Karin Lawson, had asked her because she had no capacity herself. And Julia herself had been asked by the literary professor Hildegard Keller, a friend of one of our board members. This is networking. Jeannette, Julia and Hildegard: We love you!

MiloMila, Doris Bühler ... has collected donations via Facebook for winter shoes in an equally warm and overwhelming manner. The shoes have arrived on Lesbos and are distributed from «Attica». Doris and her network are like a big luck machine. Mille Grazie!

milomila facebook

Katharina Wernli ... Katharina Wernli ... has been friends with half the SAO board for years. She professionally photographed all of us to build a bright image of us. Now she’s also friends with the other half of the SAO board. It is great, having you, thanks Katharina!



Andreas Schwaiger ... Andreas Schwaiger ... Katharina Wernli also passed on the baton within her own network: Photographer Andreas Schwaiger did the board picture processing. In the background, uncomplicated and professional. Andreas, we appreciate!


Julia Küttel ... to get really good pictures of the board, Katharina Wernli brought Make-up Artist Julia Küttel along to the photo shooting. We were very touched to see how this young woman invested half a working day with a smile to give us the perfect finishing touch. Julia, you’re great!


Kaspar Allenbach ... was responsible for the very first SAO website, which he donated to the newly founded association. The transfer to the next website team was extremely collegial, professional and cordial. This counts for a lot to us. We thank you, Kaspar, for everything!