SAO Volunteers come from all countries, have different religions, skin colors and backgrounds. What unites them and us is our trust in human rights and the absolute will to protect them.

find our code of conduct here:

         PDF Code of conduct for volunteers

Our focus is on women. Therefore we are looking for female volunteers. You will be deployed according to your skills and experience. We request a minimum volunteering period of 4 weeks.

Please fill in this form and send it together with an email to volunteers@sao.ngo and tell us about you, your motivation and the exact dates when you would like to join our team.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!



It is the volunteer's responsibility to obtain, before traveling, the necessary visas and permits to legally volunteer in Greece.


All Shengen or EU-citizens do not require visas.


All others: please contact Greek embassy in your country concerning the current visa regulations. If you travel without the necessary documents you risk being held back entering Greece and forced to return to your country.

Visa information for non-EU National