The work, the competence in the field and the integrity of Raquel Herzog convinced us. We therefore decided to contribute, contribute our competences and contacts and to support the professionalism and ensure the transparency of SAO. We, including the Manager, all work voluntarily. SAO is sustainable – we do not give up quickly.

Raquel Herzog

Founder / Head of Field

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They are reliable, smart, good communicators, resilient – and very creative problem-solvers: the women, on a mission for «SAO – women for displaced women».

Tereza Lyssiotis

Field Director, Greece

Tereza is a Communications and Crisis Management consultant. She started working as a journalist in Cyprus in 1990. Ten years later she worked at the banking and financial sectors in Greece. Since 2009 she works as a project manager for corporate programs and campaigns. She started volunteering in December 2015 in Athens and decided that she wished to continue working full time for people who are affected by armed conflict and to assist in a humanitarian crisis that has created challenges for the whole of Europe.  She has obtained her MSc in European Studies at the LSE and her BA in Political Science at Brandeis University, Massachusetts.


Evdoxia Moutaftsi

Cultural Integration and Administration, Lesvos

Evdoxia worked as a teacher with orientation to recreational activities and support of children, mainly  through theatrical game. She is always active as an artist and a performer. Since 2015 she works as a Volunteer to the NGO «Medecin de Monde» in detention camp of Moria, Lesvos and as supervisor of the program «Children at risk and vulnerable families on Lesvos» at refugee camps of Kara Tepe and Moria as well as a Guardian-Caregiver for the program «Humanitarian Support for  Unaccompanied Children» with NGO Praksis. Currently she is a supporter of the vulnerable group of refugee women, trying to bring them in touch with the Greek society and culture in accordance to their traditions and way of living.


Ruha Said

Cultural Advisor

Ruha Said is Kurdish Syrian. She studied English literature in Damascus, fled in October 2014 and now lives with her family in Sweden. Ruha and SAO founder Raquel Herzog met in 2016 on Lesvos. Today she is available to SAO as a cultural advisor and ambassador. The Amina Centre in Athens is named after Ruhas Grandmother of 95 years of age. Read the story of Raquel and Amina here: 100 women's blog by Fatima Vidal. You can meet Ruha Said in the short film made by Ida Schmieder about the work of SAO in Bashira on Lesvos.

Here you will find the video >



Sao is a character from the Greek mythology. She was one of the 50 daughters of Nereus, also known as «the old man of the sea» and Doris. The sea nymphs, called Nereids, each had a special task. Sao protected and saved shipwrecked in dangerous waters: «the nereid of safe passage or the rescue of sailors».

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