Your donation to SAO helps numerous people in many ways. Each Euro, Franc, Pound or USD is spent reasonably. If you donate here, your contribution will entirely go to ongoing programs  and projects of SAO.

Donations in Euro are very welcome to us as we avoid exchange losses and take local suppliers into account.
SAO is tax exempt – the tax exemption granted by the canton of Aargau is recognized in accordance with StHG of 1.1.1999 in all Swiss cantons. Donation receipts are sent twice a year.
What you can do with your contributions, have a look:
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You can send us your donation via:

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Zuercher Kantonalbank ZKB Logo
Zuercher Kantonalbank ZKB . P.O.Box . CH-8010 Zurich
Clearing: 700
IBAN: CH19 0070 0130 0091 1535 8 – Euro-donations
IBAN: CH86 0070 0114 8023 0668 5 – CHF-donations
IBAN Back on Track: CH11 0070 0114 8023 0667 7 – Scholarships ONLY
SAO Association, Badenerstrasse 21, CH-8004 Zurich
Postkonto: 61-867592-9
IBAN: CH87 0900 0000 6186 7592 9
Verein SAO, CH-5436 Wuerenlos

The best way you can enable us to continue our work, is give regular contributions and donations because we can plan and secure our commitments more efficiently.

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You can also support one of our programs specifically. You find detailed Information here: «Bashira», «Amina» and «Back on Track».

Do you have any questions? You can get answers from the management – we are here to help!