Here you will find the most important informations and numbers on a single sheet: what we do, who we are, how you can help and donate. Additional information can be found in our annual report and the key figures.

         PDF Factsheet SAO Association 2018


«Every human being has values that are expressed in their personal attitudes and in their behaviour. The Code of Conduct (CoC) is both a guide and a commitment to apply SAO Association’s values and humanitarian principles through ethically responsible personal behaviour. The Code of Conduct outlines the attitudes and behaviours that SAO Association expects of its Board members, employees and volunteers. Standards and provisions of laws and ordinances of Switzerland and the countries in which SAO Association operates, as well as obligations under the

organisation’s statues are not reiterated in the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is binding on SAO Association’s Board members, employees and volunteers in Switzerland and abroad, its contractual partners as well as partner organisations implementing SAO Association’s programs or projects, or acting on SAO Association’s behalf.»

         PDF Code of Conduct SAO Association


«SAO association is focussing on female refugees and their environment. Human rights are determining SAO’s actions. SAO association can develop and implement its own projects and programmes and/or support projects by other organizations. SAO association links up with organizations.» This is in the preamble to our statutes.

         PDF statutes SAO Association 2016


All board members work on a voluntary basis, including the manager. That’s why we sought and found reinforcement: Claudia Colic has spent her professional life in the banking world and knows a lot about finances. Claudia Weber is a lawyer with her own law office. Both were elected to the Board at the 3rd SAO General Assembly on May 8, 2018. Therefore, at the end of 2017 we reorganized our tasks and the assignment of the competences of each board member in order to be optimally positioned for the tasks from 2018 onwards. We focused on «women for displaced women» and decided on the three programs «Bashira», «Amina» and «Back on Track» For the Board in 2018, that means: making every effort and joining forces to secure the financing of our programs. This also led to a casting in the Association Management. Marina Villa took over the presidency of Christine Loriol by the General Assembly on May 8, 2018, which establishes and manages the new «Campaigns» dossier. Claudia Weber is also the Vice President. She takes over from Simone Inversini and Nic Kleiber, who set up and run the new dossier «Marketing».

Because the refugee issue is unpredictable and depends on changing political decisions and factors, in Greece SAO must be able to act and be recognised in the best possible way. That is why we decided to found SAO Hellas, a Greek NGO registered with the Ministry of Migration.

         PDF Organigram SAO Association 2019                                  PDF Organigramm SAO Hellas 2019