Compared to one year ago, SAO Association made a lot of steps forward: our first Empowerment and Community Centre Bashira on Lesvos opened in August, the second – Amina Centre in Athens – is planned to open in 2018, and our Back on Track students fund is bound to start in 2018 with a pilot. This said: We need a lot of support – and a lot of money of course...

On a stormy cold sunday, on 12 November we held our first charity event at Moods Club in Zurich. And it was overwhelming: so many generous and committed people came together to hear what Raquel, Tereza, Sonia and Ruha had to tell. We thank everybody who gave a helping hand, who played music for us and our guests, who contributed generously and donated from their hearts, who talked to each others and gave a hug to someone. We felt a community beeing created. This gives us courage, strength and power to continue. 

We will do it again next year: on 18 November 2018!

And of course: in the meantime we need you. You may donate or become a member of SAO Association. Or both... We appreciate! Thank you.

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