The Greek islands host thousands of people meant to be there only temporarily. Refugees who arrived in Greece after the 20th March 2016 (beginning of the implementation of the EU-Turkey deal) have little prospect of being admitted to another European country and are trapped. Planning and organization for the improvement of infrastructure and security is poor while integration opportunities are non-existent.


The feeling of entrapment and the threat of deportation to Turkey intensifies the burdens that refugees have already been suffering by war and the life-threatening journey that made them refugees. 


SAO Association supports displaced women after their arrival in Europe by helping them to take their fate back into their own hands. Since August 2017, we have been running «Bashira», which is a Community- and Empowerment-Center for displaced women with or without children on Lesvos (Mytilene). Video about Bashira >

For the International Women's Day 2019 of March 8, the women wrote jointly the «declaration of the Bashira women for all women in the world» declaration of the Bashira women >

           PDF Factsheet Bashira Day- and Protection-Centre, Mytilene, Lesvos

Welcome at Bashira!
Making Christmas cards at Bashia
Anniversary Bashira Centre Lesvos
Preparing Bashira for anniversary
One of our volunteer crew at Bashira
Handmade dreamcatcher
Donation of Hijabs for Bashira
Opening Bashira Centre
Opening Bashira Centre
Opening Bashira Centre
Opening Bashira Centre
Reception of Bashira Centre
Opening Bashira Centre
Opening Bashira Centre
Opening Bashira Centre
Opening Bashira Centre
Painting a copy of the Bashira Logo
Embellish a table at Bashira Centre
Clean up at Bashira Centre
Painting in Bashira Centre
Arriving at Bashira Centre
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