The program is currently being revised and will be dedicated to the advancement and further training of all diplaced women at SAO.

Not only did many young displaced women have to leave everything behind, some of them also had to interrupt their studies. In order to ensure that this does not result in a permanent termination of their path towards higher education we have founded the study support program «Back on Track». With our support we want to enable our Back on Track-fellows to complete their degrees. Our program is also addressed at motivated women who want to take up their studies for the first time.


Displaced women are prevented from realizing their full potential due to institutional as well as financial obstacles. Back on Track wants to tackle these. Our aim is to foster the intellectual as well as creative capabilities of these women. Access to higher education will lead to an autonomous life, sustainable integration into society and consequently to female empowerment.


We therefore advocate equal opportunities and the sacrosanct right for education, without which long-term understanding and integration is not possible.


We evaluate each case individually and determine criteria and prerequisites for admission. We will launch a pilot project in 2019. Donors can support our students in different ways. It is possible to take on a personal sponsorship for a young woman and to support her financially and possibly personally.



Neha Gauhar

Support for displaced female students

Donations for Back on Track:

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